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Dos and Don'ts of Talking During a Couples Massage

Booking a couples massage is a nice way to unwind and experience quality time with your significant other. Many couples book this unique type of massage as an anniversary gift to themselves, but you can enjoy a couples massage at any time. If this will be your first couples massage experience, it can be useful to understand how to interact with your partner during the treatment. Here are some dos and don'ts of talking during a couples massage. 

Do: Express Your Enjoyment About the Treatment

It's nice to share sentiments of enjoyment during the session. Telling your partner that you're enjoying how the massage feels and are getting more relaxed, for example, will make them happy — just as hearing these sentiments from them will make you happy. Vocalizing your enjoyment is a good way to deepen your mutual enjoyment of this treatment.

Don't: Feel the Need To Talk Constantly

While it can be nice to chat on and off with your partner throughout the massage, you shouldn't feel that you need to maintain a running dialog. Too much talking may impede your ability to relax to some degree. For example, you might feel ready to nod off but think that you shouldn't do so in case you need to answer your partner. You may wish to make a plan about communicating before the session. One idea is to talk on and off for the first half, and then be silent for the second half.

Do: Talk About Uplifting Things

If you're having your couples massage during a special occasion that will include a few other activities, it can be fun to discuss them during the treatment. For example, you might tell your partner how you're excited to have dinner and an evening walk with them afterward. You might have an enjoyable discussion of the food that you may wish to eat, or talk about how the scenery during your walk will be beautiful. Focusing on uplifting things can form a special connection as you have your massage.

Don't: Discuss Everyday Topics

A couples massage isn't the time to go over everyday topics with your significant other, even if it's one of the rare times that you have an uninterrupted hour or more together. Talking about bills, school issues with your kids, and other similar topics can cause stress. When you're stressed, your muscles will often tighten. This can negate the positive effects of the massage. It's best to deal with such topics at a later date.

A couples massage is a great way to relax, so contact a masseuse to learn more.